Saddle Up with FedFis & The Fintech Cowboys: A Conversation with Bobby Button, SVP, FinTegration Strategy & Sales at FedFis

Keith Daly, Director Banking & Fintech Search at Travillian throws on the cowboy hat and sits down with Bobby Button, SVP, FinTegration Strategy & Sales at FedFis. FedFis is a financial institutions data analytics and strategy system which tracks Financial, M&A, and Vendor data (including technology vendors) on every bank and credit union in the United States.

Dave Mayo and Tanner Mayo are CEO and President of FedFis and are known as the FinTech Cowboys. Tanner & Dave also founded the FI FinTech Movement and the FI FinTech Roundup, where innovative community bankers gather to save community banking by creating better hard data decision making processes and identifying and creating new technology products. Great conversation about the changing landscape in community banking and fintech.

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