Travillian Welcomes Gerelyn Terzo as Content Director

Travillian Welcomes Gerelyn Terzo as Content Director

Gerelyn will be responsible for supporting the build-out of the Travillian Next website and overall content. 

Travillian, a nationally focused executive search and talent advisory boutique dedicated to the financial services industry, welcomes Gerelyn Terzo as Content Director. Gerelyn will be a key figure in the buildout of Travillian’s content site Travillian Next and the general enhancement of content distributed throughout the firm.  Gerelyn’s key responsibilities will include, interviewing industry professionals across the financial services landscape, performing surveys, conducting research, and creating written and video content.   

Gerelyn has over 25 years of experience covering the financial services industry as a journalist. She’s worked for companies such as CNBC and FoxBusiness. Most recently, Gerelyn was a freelance journalist who produced content for notable Wall Street investment banks, on-line fintech publications and regional news organizations. In this role, she broadened her knowledge and relationship base within several of the Travillian centric areas of focus including, executive management issues, regulatory & compliance, and crypto & blockchain. Gerelyn also produced a children’s book called, “Chirpy and Chipmunk Build a Cave.”  

“Hiring Gerelyn is a big step in the evolution of our content creation and we’re so lucky to have found her,” said David Yancoskie, Managing Partner of Travillian. “We strive to put out content that can be trusted for its quality and enjoyed for its differentiated take on a given topic. Therefore, in this role, Gerelyn’s passion, integrity, creativity and commitment to quality over clickbait will serve her extremely well.”

Travillian began the search for a new Content Director when the company began to grow quickly and the demand for more content from their audience increased. Travillian wanted to bring in a new hire that aligned with the company’s brand goals and could create differentiated, forward-thinking and leverageable content.  

“Gerelyn has an amazing ear for intelligent, intimate, and stimulating storytelling,” said Brian Love, Head of Travillian’s Banking and Fintech division. “This skill is a game-changer when crafting nuanced stories within community banking, financial technology, and the greater financial services industry… Especially during one of the most fast changing and innovative eras in history.” 

Gerelyn graduated from Campbell University in North Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies. She currently resides in New Jersey. 

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