BaaS Bootcamp: Attracting Tech-Forward Talent

Brian Love, Head of Banking and Fintech, and his Travillian team have a deep proficiency running exclusive recruitment mandates for several of the most successful BaaS banks in the country. Earlier this month, Love was invited to join Barack Ferrazzano’s “BaaS Bootcamp” webinar which brought together several influential industry thought leaders, including Brad Smith from Cornerstone Advisors, JP Nichols from Alloy Labs, and Kirsten Muetzel from KLM Advisory. The presentation was a primer on how curious community banks can most effectively and safely enter the BaaS space. Love drew from his team’s experience recruiting for innovators like Lincoln Savings Bank and Coastal Community Bank, in a lively Q&A with BFKN Partner Stan Orszula, covering the talent trends around the industry, including:

  • Is it more effective to repurpose existing talent or hire outside talent?
  • What are the greatest recruiting and interviewing strategies to attract this sought-after talent?
  • How to reel in innovative “big fish”.
  • How are the tech talents compensated?
  • Which specific character traits and competencies are shared by this talent?

Chapter List

0:00       Introduction

2:10       Brian meets Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Michael Hsu

3:15       Why get into BaaS? Fee revenue and deposit growth

6:25       Assessing current talent and recruiting outside talent

7:30       Bifurcating and should you utilize existing bank resources?

12:19     What is the market for banks to attract this talent?

16:35     Winning over tech-forward candidates

19:38     Compensating innovative talent

23:27     What character traits do talented hires possess?

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