NameHeadquartersPublic / PrivateFintech SpecialtiesAsset Size ($000)
Axos Financial, Inc. (Axos Bank)Las Vegas, NVPublicDigital Banking$18,400,000.00

Public – NYSE: AX
Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV
Date Established: 7/4/2000, IPO Date: 3/14/2005
Asset Size: $18.4 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 2,286.0 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 61.79 / 33.91 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Digital Banking
Key FinTech Partners: Open Lending
Chairman of the Board: Paul Jaron Grinberg
President, CEO & Director: Gregory Garrabrants

​“We’ve brought in a number of security space businesses and we recently launched within our financial services platform a robo advisor as well as a stock trading platform. The idea behind this platform that we built is that it would have a broad range of digital product and services that would be differentiated based on the ability to integrate those products and services in a seamless way to a digital experience. And for that digital experience to be informed by data about the customer based on the usage and what that customer tells us.”

Gregory Garrabrants, President, CEO & Director
Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc. (Blue Ridge Bank)Charlottesville, VAPublicBaaS / Crypto$2,870,000.00

Headquarters: Charlottesville, VA
Date Established: 4/14/1893, IPO Date: 2019 
Asset Size: $287 billion
Market Cap ($M): 235.7 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 18.50 / 11.71 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: BaaS / Crypto
Key FinTech Partners: Unit, Flex, Grow Credit
Chairman of the Board: Larry Dees
President, CFO & Director: Judy C. Gavant
Since Blue Ridge Bank was founded in 1893, the banking industry, the area, and the country in general has seen many changes. One thing that has never changed, however, is our commitment to our customers and our founding mission: "To provide a wide range of financial services with an emphasis on quality, ethics, and superb customer relations."
Capital Bancorp, Inc. (Capital Bank, N.A.)Rockville, MDPublicCard / Payments$2,000,000.00

Headquarters: Rockville, MD
Date Established: 12/14/1999, IPO Date: 09/25/2018
Asset Size: $2.00 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 331.1 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 27.56 / 20.94 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Card/Payments
Key FinTech Partners: N/A
Chairman of the Board: Steven J. Schwartz
President & CEO & Director: Edward F. Barry

"We charted a path to be a little different. We decided to invest in things where we thought the world was going verses where the world has been. As a team, we started to build capabilities around data, analytics, technology, digital marketing, all different skillsets that you normally wouldn't see at a small community bank."

Edward Barry, President, CEO & Director
Celtic Bank CorporationSalt Lake City, UTPrivately HeldSBA$1,860,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT
Date Established: 3/1/2001
Asset Size: $1.86 billion
FinTech Specialty: SBA
Key FinTech Partners: Affirm, Square Capital
Chairman & CEO: Reese S. Howell Jr.
President & COO: Todd Boren
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Celtic Bank provides financing for small businesses. Celtic Bank helps business owners with working capital, expansion, acquisition, construction, equipment financing, real estate purchases, refinances, and more.
Choice Financial Group (Choice Bank)Fargo, NDPrivately HeldBaaS$3,350,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Fargo, ND
Date Established: 1/1/1906 
Asset Size: $3.35 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key FinTech Partners: Lively, Current, Lili Douugh
Director: George A. Wald
CEO & Director: Brian L. Johnson

“We’ve tried to create a diverse experience of various backgrounds of fintech businesses that come from the HSA world, the payment delivery world, to simple deposit banking transactions, that help us be in touch with what the consumer wants and how to deliver to them but equally to deliver to the fintech partner themselves.”

Brian Johnson, CEO & Director
Coastal Financial Corporation (Coastal Community Bank)Everett, WAPublicBaaS$3,130,000.00
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Headquarters: Everett, WA
Date Established: 4/1/1997, IPO Date: 7/17/2018
Asset Size: $3.13 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 612.0 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 54.53 / 35.61 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key Fintech Partners: 21 active partners including: One, Carta, Aspiration, Ellevest, Novi, Sable, Cheese, Google Plex

Chairman of the Board: Christopher D. Adams
President, CEO & Director: Eric M. Sprink

​“​Some of the recent success we’ve had has been building a diversified portfolio. 75% of our fin tech founders and CEO’s are from communities of color or females, or are representing communities that ​don’t have normal access to the banking system.”

Eric Sprink, President, CEO & Director
FFB BankFresno, CAPublicPayments$1,180,000.00

Public – OTCQX: CFST
Headquarters: Fresno, CA
Date Established: 12/23/2005
Asset Size: $1.18 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 191.5 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 67.65 / 52.60 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Payments

Chairman of the Board: Mark D. Saleh
President, CEO & Director: Steven Kenneth Miller

​“​Our acquiring license and our appetite to want to play in [the payments] space gives us a seat at the table as a small bank. We think that’s where the fun stuff is happening.”

Steve Miller, President, CEO & Director
Cross River BankFort Lee, NJPrivately HeldBaaS / Payments$8,870,000.00
Privately Held
Headquarters: Fort Lee, NJ
Date Established: 06/23/2008
Asset Size: $8.87 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS, Payments
Key FinTech Partners: Affirm, Best Egg, Coinbase, FINIX, Payments, FreedomPlus, Rocket Loans, RS2, Stripe, Upstart, Visa
Chairman, President & CEO: Gilles Gade
CFO: Kris Pease

​“When we think about who Cross River is, it’s really a platform. It’s a platform that allows people to do really interesting things, solve difficult problems and to really think about what banking should be on their terms.”

Jesse Honigberg, Chief of Technology
Customers Bancorp, Inc. (Customers Bank)West Reading, PAPublicCrypto / Digital Banking $20,300,000.00

Public – NYSE: CUBI
Headquarters: West Reading, PA
Date Established: 6/26/1997, IPO Date:4/4/2012
Asset Size: $20.3 billion
Market Cap. ($M):930.1 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low:76.13 / 26.43 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Crypto / Digital Banking
Key FinTech Partners: OakNorth, Genesis, Blockfills, GSR
Executive Chairman: Jay S. Sidhu
President, CEO & Vice Chairman: Samvir S. Sidhu
Founded in 2009, Customers Bank is a super-community bank with almost $20 billion in assets as of June 30, 2021. We believe in dedicated personal service for the businesses, professionals, individuals and families we work with.
Emprise Financial Corporation (Emprise Bank)Wichita, KSPrivately HeldBaaS$2,280,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Wichita, KS
Date Established: 5/21/1910
Asset Size: $2.28 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key FinTech Partners: Treasury Prime, Alloy, Tyfone, MANTL, NICE Actimize, Prisma

Chairman, President & CEO: Matthew A. Michaelis

"We are working with Treasury Prime as our technology partner, it couldn't be a better fit. We have great alignment on the operating model, what success looks like and longer term outlook for the industry. And of course they bring strong technology to the partnership. We are currently working towards launching our first FinTech client with depository card and money movement products."

Matt Michaelis, CEO & Director
Evolve Bancorp, Inc. (Evolve Bank & Trust)Memphis, TNPrivately HeldBaaS / Payments$1,290,000.00
Privately Held
Headquarters: Memphis, TN
Date Established: 06/05/1925
Asset Size: $1.29 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS, Payments
Key FinTech Partners: Synaps
Chairman of the Board: B. Scot Lenoir
President, CEO & Director: W. Scott "William" Stafford

​On Payments and ACH: “We work with all of the major processors: Galileo, i2c, Marqeta, as well as having our own native, issuing stack…​​We were also proud to announce that in 2020, we were named ​to be one of the top 50 ACH originators in the country.”

Hank Word, Chief Technology Officer
First Internet Bancorp (First Internet Bank of Indiana)Fishers, INPublicBaaS / Digital Banking$4,260,000.00
HeadquartersFishers, IN 
Date Established: 12/28/1998
Asset Size: $4.26 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 224.4 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 53.56 / 22.01 (as of 1/3/2023)

FinTech Specialty: BaaS / Digital Banking 
Key FinTech Partners: Lendeavor, Inc., FedNow, Blend 

Chairman & CEODavid B. Becker  
President & COO: Nicole S. Lorch 

"We purchase our systems and operate on a SaaS model. We do not do a lot of internal development. We do spend a lot of time on API trying to stay true to our original routes of everything being interconnected so the customer gets a real time picture of all the activity and all the services and products they use with the bank. We have what we consider to be a 14 cord systems, linked in that real time environment."

David B. Becker, Chairman & CEO
Lead BankKansas City, MOPrivately HeldBaaS / Payments$842,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Kansas City, MO
Date Established: 1/12/1928 
Asset Size: $842 million
FinTech Specialty: BaaS, Payments
Key FinTech Partners:, LoanMe, Dama Financial, Self Financial
Chairman & CEO: Jacqueline D. "Jackie" Reses
CFO: Kris Dickson

“…The digital domain has showed us that people still expect, and they deserve, genuine relationships, that make them feel better, stronger, less afraid, more secure, and reveal the path to more opportunity. And that’s what we do at Lead Bank.”

Joshua Carr Rowland, CEO & Vice Chairman
Lincoln Savings BankReinbeck, IAPrivately HeldBaaS$1,750,000.00
Privately Held
Headquarters: Reinbeck, IA
Date Established: 1902
Asset Size: $1.75 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key FinTech Partners: Qapital, Acorns, M1
Chairman of Board: Sally Hollis

We have a long tradition of providing financial resources to worthy causes and organizations. In 2005, we launched the LSB Foundation to coordinate our philanthropic efforts. We also oversee scholarship programs and our employees volunteer at countless local events. In short, we're committed to giving back to the communities we serve. It's exactly what you would expect from a bank that's owned and operated by - and for - Iowans.
Live Oak Bancshares, Inc. (Live Oak Bank)Wilmington, NCPublicSBA$9,310,000.00
Headquarters: Wilmington, NC
Date Established: 3/31/2009, IPO Date: 7/23/2015
Asset Size: $9.31 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 1,349.9 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 97.73 / 27.50 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: SBA
Key FinTech Partners: Investments in Finxact, Payrailz, Defense Storm, Savana, Greenlight, Apiture
Chairman & CEO: James S. "Chip" Mahan III
President & Director: Neil Lawrence Underwood
​Live Oak is a digitally-focused bank serving customers nationwide. From innovations in small business lending, to digital banking, to its remarkable track record as a tech incubator, the company is clearly at the leading edge of the convergence between traditional banking and technology.
MainStreet Bancshares, Inc. (MainStreet Bank)Fairfax, VAPublicAvenu$1,860,000.00

Headquarters: Fairfax, VA
Date Established: 3/28/2003, IPO Date: 8/31/2005
Asset Size: $1.86 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 196.6 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 30.98 / 20.77 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key FinTech Initiative: Avenu

Chairman of the Board & CEO: Jeff W. Dick

​“We were the first bank in Virginia to offer remote deposit capture. And I think that we are still Jack Henry's largest volume RDC client. On any given day, more than 75% of our transaction are actually processed by our customers. Our tagline is put our bank in your office.”

Jeff Dick, Chairman of the Board & CEO
Pathward Financial, Inc. (Pathward, National Association)Sioux Falls, SDPublicPayments$6,740,000.00
Headquarters: Sioux Falls, SD
Date Established: 2/22/1954, IPO Date: 9/20/1993
Asset Size: $6.74 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 1,237.7 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low:63.82 / 31.16 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Payments
Key FinTech Partners: MoneyLion, KyckGlobal, H&R Block
Chairman of the Board: Douglas J. Hajek
CEO & Director: Bret L. Pharr

At Pathward, they believe in financial inclusion for all and that banking should be accessible to everyone. They build solutions for markets where individuals and businesses are underserved. Through Pathward’s two divisions, Banking as a Service and Commercial Finance, they power their partners and customers to deliver programs that ensure a financial path forward.
Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp. (Metropolitan Commercial Bank)New York, NYPublicPayments / Cannabis / Crypto$6,420,000.00

Public – NYSE: MCB
Headquarters: New York, NY
Date Established: 6/22/1999, IPO Date: 11/07/2017
Asset Size: $6.42 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 630.2 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 115.78 / 53.67 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Payments, Cannabis, Crypto
Key FinTech Partners: Modern Treasury, Current
Chairman of the Board: William P. "Bill" Reinhardt
President, CEO & Director: Mark R. DeFazio

"Metropolitan Commercial Bank is two companies in one. We have the very diversified, very successful growth company known as Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Then we have this global payments business that interacts and partners with fintech companies around the globe. We have a global presence, many of our clients are global in nature coming to the US and for their expansions plan. We provide them access to the payments and we facilitate the settlement of payments or just the movement of money around the world."

Mark DeFazio, President, CEO & Director
MVB Financial Corp. (MVB Bank)Fairmont, WVPublicPayments / Gaming$3,130,000.00
Headquarters: Fairmont, WV
Date Established: 1/4/1999, IPO Date: 2006
Asset Size: $3.13 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 269.4 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 44.22 / 21.37 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Payments, Gaming
Key FinTech Partners: Credit Karma
Chairman of the Board: William Marston "Marty" Becker
President & CEO: Larry Mazza

​“We have become a Banking as a Service (BaaS) bank and our biggest client right now is Credit Karma. 20 years it took us to open 20K accounts. When we signed on with Credit Karma, who is a market juggernaut, we opened up over 4M accounts within 18 months. Our life has changed dramatically and that’s what inspires us to say hey we can do this with a number of clients and probably impact a lot of people”

Larry F. Mazza, President & CEO
NBKC BankKansas City, MOPrivately HeldPayments$1,120,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Kansas City, MO
Date Established: 3/29/1999
Asset Size: $1.12 billion
FinTech Specialty: Payments
Key FinTech Partners: Betterment, Joust, Truebill, Digs
President & CEO: Michael J. "Mike" Bartkoski III
CFO: Eric Garretson

​“It’s really starting on the ground floor with a start-up (fin-tech) or a company that wants to launch a new product. We are the pilot bank for them. And so we found that (to be) very successful. Some of those we’ve ​actually made investments in personally.”

Eric Garretson, CFO
Piermont BankNew York, NYPrivately HeldBaaS$448,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: New York, NY
Date Established: 7/1/2019
Asset Size: $448 million
FinTech Specialty: BaaS
Key FinTech Partners: Treasury Prime, Nerve
Chairman of the Board:  Julia S. Gouw
CEO & Director: Wendy Cai-Lee

"What's unique about Piermont is that we are not a legacy bank. We are not slowed down by any of the legacy systems or processes. We are built to reflect and built as a fintech ourselves. That relevance and that understanding of the importance to scale, and an importance to scale faster, and an importance to continue to innovate, is critically important to the fintech success as well as to Piermont and that will be our continued focus in 2022, 2023, and the years beyond."

Wendy Cai-Lee, CEO & Director
Provident Bancorp, Inc. (BankProv)Amesbury, MAPublicBaaS / Crypto$1,780,000.00

Headquarters: Amesbury, MA
Date Established: 1/1/1828, IPO Date: 10/16/2019
Asset Size: $1.78 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 126.3 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 19.21 / 6.10 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: BaaS, Crypto
Key FinTech Partners: Treasury Prime, Modern Treasury, Fintel Connect
Chairman of the Board: Joseph B. "Joe" Reilly
Executive VP & CFO: Carol L. Houle

"BankProv is a commercial bank focused on finding and providing solutions for business and private clients with a special focus on cryptocurrency and BaaS. We are one of the oldest banks in the country, but ultimately we have transformed into a very innovative, adaptive, tech-focused bank, that offers a variety of solutions to support emerging markets like cryptocurrency, BaaS, and alternative energy, just to name a few."

Joe Mancini, Chief Operating Officer
Sutton Bancshares, Inc. (Sutton Bank)Attica, OHPrivately HeldPayments$1,770,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Attica, OH
Date Established: 2/12/1878
Asset Size: $1.77 billion
FinTech Specialty: Payments 
Key FinTech Partners: MK Decision, Marqeta
Chairman of the Board: Eric A. Gillett
CEO & Director: James Anthony "Tony" Gorrell

A progressive, privately held independent, community bank, Sutton Bank has consistently been named one of the top small business and agricultural lenders in the State of Ohio. This supports their dedication to meeting the financial needs of the community, and their commitment to providing exceptional customer service with local decision-making.
The Bancorp, Inc. (The Bancorp Bank)Wilmington, DEPublicFintech Partnership$7,770,000.00

Headquarters: Wilmington, DE
Date Established: 7/28/2000, IPO Date: 2/3/2004
Asset Size: $7.77 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 1,639.4 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 32.69 / 16.59 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Fintech Partnership
Key FinTech Partners: Current, XTM Inc., Chime
Chairman of the Board: James Jospeh "Jay" McEntee III
President, CEO & Director: Damian M. Kozlowski
For over 20 years, The Bancorp has been providing nonbank companies with the people, processes and banking technology to meet their individual needs. As a result, The Bancorp has become an industry-leading provider of reliable technology-forward solutions that move our partners’ businesses into the future. The Bancorp is the essential partner to help you build, maintain and grow your business.
Transportation Alliance Bank (TAB Bank)Ogden, UTPrivately HeldPayments$1,190,000.00
Privately Held
Headquarters: Ogden, UT
Date Established: 10/01/1998 
Asset Size: $1.19 billion
FinTech Specialty: Payments
Key FinTech Partners: MuleSoft, Volante, Flexshopper
Chairman of the Board: Richard L. "Rick" Bozzelli
President & CEO: Curt Queyrouze
CFO: R. Boyd Hunter


“TAB’s been around for 22 years but what’s interesting about TAB is that we’ve never had a branch. We’re a unique bank that long before we had mobile phones and technology we were operating over the internet and providing banking services. And what makes TAB unique is probably our origins and our history which was serving truck drivers. TAB has always leaned in to handling a community that has trouble accessing banking services at any given point in time.”

Curt Queyrouze, President & CEO
Triumph Financial, Inc. (TBK Bank, SSB)Dallas, TXPublicPayments$5,640,000.00

Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Date Established: 07/15/1981, IPO Date: 11/6/2014
Asset Size: $5.64 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 1,215.1 (as of 1/3/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 126.12 / 45.08 (as of 1/3/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Payments
Key FinTech Partners: TriumphPay
Chairman of the Board: Carlos M. Sepulveda, Jr.
President & CEO: Aaron P. Graft

Triumph is a values-driven financial service company focused on creating value by helping their team members thrive, their customers succeed and their communities prosper.
University Financial Corp, GBC (Sunrise Banks)Saint Paul, MNPrivately HeldBaaS, Payments / Cards$1,950,000.00

Privately Held
Headquarters: Saint Paul, MN
Date Established: 07/18/1962
Asset Size: $1.95 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS, Payments / Cards
Key FinTech Partners: Self., TrueConnect, Gusto
Chairman, President & CEO: David C. Reiling

At Sunrise Banks, our success relies on the success of the communities we serve. We offer financially inclusive products that aim to better the lives of our clients in the Twin Cities Metro and beyond. We don’t see ourselves as bankers – we see ourselves as a social engine for good.
FB Financial Corporation (FirstBank)Nashville, TNPublic – NYSE: FBKDigital Banking$12,900,000.00
Public - NYSE: FBK 
Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Date Established: 1/1/1906, IPO Date: 9/15/2016
Asset Size: $12.9 billion
Market Cap. ($M): 1,645.0 (as of 8/04/2023)
52 Week High/Low: 45.25 / 24.34 (as of 8/04/2023)
FinTech Specialty: Digital Banking
Key FinTech Partners: Treasury Prime, ZippyMH, Satschel
Chairman of the Board: William F. "Bill" Carpenter III
President & CEO: Christopher T. Holmes


“We knew we were going to be at a disadvantage. And so we built out our plan and went to the board and presented and asked them to allocate some of our risk-based capital to this effort. And so from there, we have just managed that. We have an innovation committee, which is made up of the CEO, myself, the CFO, General Counsel, and CRO”

Wade Peery, Chief Innovation Officer
Thread Bancorp Inc. (Thread Bank)Rogersville, TNPrivately-HeldBaaS/Digital Banking$564,600.00

Headquarters: Rogersville, TN
Date Established: 4/01/1906
Asset Size: $564.6 million
FinTech Specialty: BaaS/Digital Banking
Key FinTech Partners: n/a

Chairman of the Board:  Joseph E. "Joe" Maxwell
President, CEO & Director: Christopher J. Black

“Customers had to go to the bank's ATM and then to the bank's website. We're seeking to take the bank and embed the bank to where the customer's operations are particularly on the small business side. And so, in many ways, we're the antithesis to the traditional banking model in terms of delivery.”

Chris Black, CEO & Director
Central Service Corp. (Stride Bank, National Association)Enid, OKPrivately-HeldBaaS/Payments$3,100,000.00

Headquarters: Enid, OK
Date Established: 1/1/1913
Asset Size: $3.1 billion
FinTech Specialty: BaaS/Payments
Key FinTech Partners: Chime, Payfare, Stash, Wisdom Tree

Chairman, President & CEO:  Romayne Seymour "Brud" Baker Jr.
Executive, VP & CFO: Steven J. McNamar

“We're connected to multiple third party processors, both Visa and MasterCard networks. We can move funds real-time through a FT and OCT. We're also connected to the clearinghouse, so we have the ability to use RTP as well. And as FedNow becomes to gather traction, we're going to certainly embrace that and be able to continue to support our FinTech partners with the emerging technologies.”

Jimmy Stallings, CEO & Director