The Fight for Fintechs & BaaS Banks in DC: A Conversation with Phil Goldfeder

The turmoil in the banking system over the past month will certainly lead to new legislation & regulatory oversight. It is crucial to have advocates in Washington D.C. to ensure your story and preferences are heard, especially for smaller firms such as fintechs and BaaS Community Banks.

Phil Goldfeder took over as CEO of the American Fintech Council less than a month ago and was thrown right into the fire. Phil has a unique and impressive background to handle such a volatile time in the markets. He has been on the government side, working for both Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer as well as a member of the New York State Assembly for over five years. He has also been on the banking side, working for a pioneer BaaS Bank, Cross River, as SVP Global Public affairs for almost six years before taking over at the AFC.  Keith Daly, Principal, Banking & Fintech Search at Travillian, sits down with Phil to discuss the current regulatory environment and how the American Fintech Council can help promote responsible innovation and inclusivity within financial technology services.  

Video Index

00:16 | Intro

04:07 | Political landscapes for BaaS banks, community banks and fintechs

10:05 | What makes a fintech focused bank great?

12:42 | Opportunity for fintech banks

14:51 | Leadership

16:00 | Outlooks for the future

17:50 | Benefits/Advice for BaaS banks

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