It’s Time for the Tough to Get Going: Banking in 2023 – An Investment, M&A, and Regulatory Perspective

Recent developments in the bank sector have led to confusion and uncertainty about the road ahead. In this wide-ranging and timely discussion with Travillian’s Head of Banking and Fintech, Brian Love, our panelists, including Bob Toma MD, FIG Investment Banking at Raymond James, John Reichert, Attorney at Reinhart, and Joe Fenech, Chief Investment Officer at GenOpp Capital Management, share their insights on the current state of bank fundamentals, thoughts on the outlook for M&A, the changing investment and regulatory landscape, and the outlook for regional and community bank stocks.

Video Index

00:15 | Opening Comments and Introduction of Panelists by Brian Love

04:14 | General – The State of the Industry

12:27 | Bank Sector Fundamentals

16:05 | Regulation / M&A

40:28 | Implications for Bank Stocks

52:34 | Talent

56:28 | Tech

1:11:00 | Conclusion

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