Mission: Partnerships – Alignment of Talent, Culture and Tech Allow Banks to Do the Impossible

Missed out on our live webinar last week? No worries! Catch the recording anytime on Travillian Next, where we discussed critical issues facing community banks and credit unions, including fintech partnerships, vendor optimization, risk vs innovation, and building a culture of growth mindset and talent. Travillian’s Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech Search, and Keith Daly, Principal – Banking & Fintech Search, hosted some of the brightest minds and experts in the industry for this dynamic chat.

Watch the recording now or listen to the podcast and evolve in the digital banking age. We even included a video index so you can skip around to which topics interest you the most! 🎥🎧 Click the link below to enjoy the knowledge.



With an incredibly diverse past in investment banking, private equity, and bank regulation, InterBank’s President and COO, C.K. Lee, is one of the industry’s most well-rounded executives. He joined InterBank three years ago, which has a distinct strategy around loan pricing and funding which is so simple yet so atypical in the bank space.

In an expansive dialogue, Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech at Travillian, asked Lee about his own career trajectory, what it’s like to land on Main St. from Wall St., how he manages his talent and succession planning, his thoughts on M&A, and his favorite movie.

Video Index

01:43 | Background from Panelists / What are you working on now?

14:47 | Vendors and Vendor Optimization

26:59 | Risk & Compliance

39:20 | Culture of Innovation

52:10 | Talent

1:03:53 | Conclusion

Travillian’s Banking and FinTech Practice provides Search and Talent Advisory services to depository institutions across the country. Established in 1998, the firm has built a unique platform that touches every corner of the industry. To learn more, click here, or get in touch below!

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