Navigating Challenges: A Candid Discussion with ICBA Panelists on the Vital Role of Community Banks

Exploring the resilience of community banks amid macroeconomic pressures, we had an enlightening discourse with ICBA Panelists. We welcomed ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) – ardent advocates for community banks for a perspectives-sharing session.

Brad Bolton, President & CEO of Community Spirit Bank, Sarah Getzlaff, CEO of Security First Bank of North Dakota and Jim Sills, President & CEO of Mechanics and Farmers Bank exchanged their perspectives on the evolving trends in deposit and lending pricing, regulations, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance), cybersecurity, M&A and initiatives related to talent development.

Travillian Hosts: Indra Elangovan, Head of Strategic Advisory, Dale Henderson, Principal Banking & Fintech, Patrick Cooney, GRC Search Lead and Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech.

Introduction (00:16)

ICBA panelists shared their thoughts on the general industry trends and how community banks are different from the larger riskier banks.  Community banks have been resilient for over 100 years, and they share a consensus view that community banks are resilient and are sustainable given their business model is closely tied to Main Street. ICBA OneMission has a singular focus on community banks, and they make contributions through the three pillars of Advocacy, Education and Innovation.

Part 1 (07:42): Dale Hendersen, Principal, Banking & Fintech: Production-Focus – Deposit Generation/Pricing

ICBA panelists shared the trends they are observing in deposit pricing in their markets and the margin pressure. They shared the strategies they’re implementing to effectively address these concerns.

They have upgraded deposit strategy to retain and attract deposits.  Additionally, they discussed how these strategies align with the pricing trends seen in commercial lending, and what measures they are employing to ensure a strong deposit base while navigating the challenges of deposit and commercial lending pricing dynamics. Considering the current market conditions, they discussed their views on being opportunistic to bolster their production teams. They shared some interesting trends seen in lending versus their larger counterparts.

Part 2 (26:09): Patrick Cooney, Executive Search Consultant: Governance, Risk, Regulatory, and Compliance

ICBA panelists shared insights on key regulations in focus such as 1071 of Dodd Frank Act, Overdraft reforms and FDIC insurance reforms. Cybersecurity is top of mind issue and the panelists shared cybersecurity protocols. They discussed GRC talent and how they go about identifying talent.

Part 3 (43:20): Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech: M&A and Lightning Round about Talent

The panelists discussed their thoughts on the M&A environment and how they are positioned to remain independent. They discussed how they attract talent in their markets.

Part 4 (53:12): Lightning Round:

  • What was the most recent KEY hire you made?
  • Tell me about a unique benefit you offer at your bank?


Full Video Index

00:16 | Introduction of ICBA Panelists

01:52 | Community banks resiliency over 100 years. Is this time any different? 

05:12 | ICBA Mission – Singular Focus on Community Banks

Conversation with Dale Hendersen

07:42 | Deposit trends and strategies

16:33 | Deposit and lending pricing dynamics

21:01 | Stance on Production Teams

25:28 | End of Segment One

Conversation with Patrick Cooney

27:02 | Regulations near term and longer term

33:12 | Cybersecurity practices

38:19 | GRC Talent

43:02 | End of Segment Two

Conversation with Brian Love

43:32 | Viewpoints on M&A

49:30 | Talent Initiatives

53:12 | Lightning Round on Talent

56:13 | Local Cuisine, Favorite Food and Movie

59:56 | Conclusion

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