Credit Unions Buying Community Banks: Motives, Misconceptions, and More on the Horizon – A Conversation with Deal Attorneys Michael Bell and Jeffrey Cardone

Join us for the latest episode of Travillian Next, where Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech at Travillian, dives into the hot topic of credit unions acquiring community banks.

In this discussion, Brian sits down with Jeffrey Cardone, Partner and Attorney at Luse Gorman, PC, and Michael Bell, Partner at Honigman LLP, to explore the dynamics of these acquisitions. They shed light on the roles played by all parties involved and the hurdles they encounter along the way.

But that’s not all – they also zoom out to examine the broader landscape of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector. From succession planning to regulatory challenges, they unpack the complexities driving M&A activity.

Don’t miss out on this deep dive into the future of banking mergers!

Video Index

00:15 | Introduction

02:22 | Trend of Credit Union Buying Community Banks

04:19 | Jeff’s Role in Credit Union Bank Deals

05:27 | Mike’s Role in Credit Union Bank Deals

08:01 | Macro Lens of M&A

10:03 | M&A Activity in the Banking Industry

12:25 | Succession Planning and Liquidity Events

14:19 | Difficulty of Being on the Sell Side vs. Buy Side

24:21 | Motivations for Credit Unions to Acquire Banks

26:53 | Regulatory Challenges and Policy Perspectives

27:53 | Consolidation in the Banking Industry

29:38 | Soft Issues in Bank-Credit Union Deals

31:43 | Synergies and Benefits of Bank-Credit Union Mergers

33:22 | Geographic Considerations in Bank-Credit Union Deals

36:56 | Cultural Integration in Bank-Credit Union Mergers


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