1828 to Ethereum A Conversation with Joseph Mancini, Chief Operating Officer at BankProv

BankProv was founded in 1828 as The Provident Bank and exists today as the 10th oldest bank in the country. Today, they are an innovative, commercial bank that finds solutions for business and private clients.  From his time at Radius Bank to BankProv, Joseph has seen the evolution of traditional community banking into a more technologically driven and diversified partnership with clients.

Under the leadership of CEO Dave Mansfield, BankProv has built industry leading API’s including ProvXchange, which enables BankProv clients to transfer between their accounts and the accounts of other BankProv clients in real-time without the delays of traditional payment rails.  Moreover, BankProv recently partnered with Anchorage Digital, a premier digital asset platform and recently nationally chartered digital asset bank, to allow Anchorage to deliver quality loan products to their institutional clients backed by Ethereum—the first of its kind in the industry.

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