The Alamo for Community Banks, a Conversation with Matthew Smith – Director of Strategic Initiatives for Independent Banks Association of Texas (IBAT)

As with the Alamo, opposition is coming from all angles these days for community banks. Fintechs, megabanks, Wall Street, Big Tech, and even Walmart all have the advantage of investing billions into new products and tech. Community banks can compete with these challengers by committing to innovation like BaaS, payments, fintech partnerships and technology.

Matthew Smith is a community banker at heart, having spent his entire career working in various high-level roles at community banks including Happy State Bank and First United Bank. Matthew is also a big fan of digital transformation, BaaS, data analytics, embedded finance, and advanced technology. When the opportunity came along for his “dream job” of working with Initiatives for Independent Banks Association of Texas (IBAT) to assist community banks evolve in the digital era, he jumped at the chance.

Through partnerships with FedFisBankers helping Bankers, and other channels, Matthew is helping educate and advise community banks not only in Texas but across the nation. Keith Daly, Director – Banking & Fintech Search at Travillian sits down with Matthew to discuss his dedication to community banks and what’s next for IBAT as we quickly head towards 2023.

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