CEOs of the Highest Valued Banks Reveal Their Recipe for Success

Two of the most well-respected CEO’s in the banking industry – Community Bank System’s Mark Tryniski and ServisFirst Bancshares’ Tom Broughton – join Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech at Travillian, and Joe Fenech, Managing Principal of SMBT Consulting, LLC, for an insightful discussion on the approach employed by each bank on their path to success and other observable traits of the nation’s highest valued public banks. This wide-ranging conversation touched on a number of topics, including the value of core funding, operating in metro vs. non-metro markets, the importance of maintaining discipline, thoughts on M&A, culture, the “sweet spot” for asset size, fintech, and prognostications for the upcoming year. With the banking industry navigating through a challenging operating environment, this is a timely discussion with two of the industry’s best operators. Also check out our original article, The Highest Valued Bank Stocks Share Some Surprising Traits, where we highlighted the observable traits of the nation’s highest-valued banks first.

Video Index

00:00 – 3:47 | Introduction of Webinar

3:47 – 9:14 | Introduction of CEO’s & Companies

9:14 – 16:00 | Core Funding Importance/Metro vs. Non-Metro Markets

16:00 – 19:15 | Importance of Discipline

9:15 – 29:00 | M&A Strategy

29:00 – 35:45 | Culture/Management 

35:45 – 39:30 | Missteps Along the Way 

39:30 – 42:24 | SFBS and CBU: More Alike Than Different? 

42:24 – 53:48 | $10 Bil. Asset Threshold; Optimal Size 

53:48 – 1:01:35 | Fintech 

1:01:35 – 1:07:03 | Prognostications for 2023 

1:07:03 – 1:07:29 | Conclusion 

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Joe Fenech is the Managing Principal of SMBT Consulting, LLC, which provides consulting services to banks. The article represents the views and beliefs of Mr. Fenech and does not purport to be complete. The information in this article is provided to you as of the dates indicated and the data and facts presented herein may change. You should not rely on this article as the basis upon which to make an investment decision; this article is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, tax, legal, accounting or investment advice. Mr. Fenech is also the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member of GenOpp Capital Management LLC, an investment adviser that maintains exempt reporting status in the State of Indiana. Affiliates of SMBT Consulting, LLC may recommend to such affiliates’ clients the purchase or sale of securities of companies discussed in articles published by SMBT Consulting, LLC.

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