The Future of Cross-Border Transactions: Faster, Cheaper, and Revolutionized by CBDCs

In his Travillian Next debut, Dimitris Malisianos, Principal, Banking & Fintech Search at Travillian, engages with two recognized influencers and advocates of payments, innovation, and fintech: Jason Mikula, Publisher of Fintech Business Weekly and Managing Director of 312 Global Strategies BV and Panagiotis Kriaris, Commercial Director, and Head of Business Development at Unzer.

Their discussion focuses primarily on cross-border payments, which are essential in international trade, investments, and remittance. Although there are advancements being made, the pace of progress varies depending on the country. Additionally, further challenges arise around regulation, risk management, fees, currency fluctuations, and processing time.

Kriaris and Mikula also discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and how they may change the traditional way of banking to better enable real-time transactions worldwide, eliminating delays, fees and intermediate banks involved.

Video Index

2:38 | What are cross border payments

4:30 | Risks and challenges associated with cross border payments

7:26 | ISO 20022

9:03 | Speed between transactions

10:47 | Risk and KYC on transactions

12:16 | Security and privacy of transactions

15:20 | Innovations in Cross Border Payments

16:58 | What is CBDC’s

19:52 | Evolution of CBDC’s China-Europe-US

25:26 | Open Market competition discussion

27:28 | Risks and challenges domestically with CBDC’s question

30:54 | CBDC’s and stability within banks

31:49 | Bank benefits from CBDC’s

37:10 | Final thoughts

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