A Conversation with JAM FINTOP: Blockchain & Banktech

Travillian NEXT proudly welcomes:

Adam Aspes – General Partner at JAM Special Opportunity Ventures, LLC
Matthew Kelley – Director at JAM FINTOP Bank Network
Ryan Zacharia – General Partner at JAM Special Opportunity Ventures, LLC

What technology should community banks be focused on in 2022 and beyond? How will talent adapt to new technology? JAM FINTOP is helping financial institutions proactively identify, invest in, and implement the right technology so they can more effectively compete and serve their customers. JAM FINTOP’s Banktech & Blockchain fund partners include 79 community banks with a combined asset value of $1 trillion. The funds invest in banktech and blockchain companies that develop products and solutions that will enable community banks to compete in the digital age.

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