Fintechs, From Founding to Funding, A Conversation with Cameron Peake, Partner at Financial Venture Studio

Fintech has only scratched the surface in terms of its capabilities, so it’s not surprising that the number of startups dedicated to this burgeoning space is growing. Travillian’s Keith Daly, Director – Banking & Fintech Search, spent some time with Cameron Peake, Partner at Financial Venture Studio, to discuss how she is helping entrepreneurs to navigate the fintech startup terrain.  

As the co-founder of digital banking app Azlo before making the leap to VC, Peake is uniquely suited for the task. She possesses an uncanny ability to approach a fintech startup from both sides of the industry fence.  

Fintech is a tricky beast, and if entrepreneurs are not careful, they can spend their time worrying about vendor stats and regulations instead of focusing on building. This is where Financial Venture Studio comes in, starting with a $250K check and lending their operational expertise to help their portfolio companies launch and grow more quickly.

If it ever did, fintech no longer fits into a box. Crypto and Web3 are hot to trot, comprising 10% of the pitches Financial Venture Studio was intentional about in Q1. And with the emergence of new verticals getting into fintech, no vertical, including education is off-limits. Keith and Cameron discuss the three most requested roles in fintech (here’s a hint: blockchain) as well as the role that community banks play in putting the “financial” in fintech. You do not want to miss this one!

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