Value Creation and M&A: How Johnny Allison’s Home Bancshares Became A Top Performer

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John Allison, Chairman and CEO of Home Bancshares, is one of the great value creators in the bank sector over the past 3+ decades. Through the lens of his experience, Mr. Allison speaks to the issues confronting the banking sector today and discusses with our moderators the key attributes that have driven the success of Home Bancshares, one of the nation’s top-performing and highest valued publicly traded banks. See below for a video index, outlining the topics discussed by our moderators, Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech at Travillian, and Joe Fenech, Chief Investment Officer at GenOpp Capital Management, and our guest, Mr. John Allison.

Video Index

Start to 3:15: Introduction

3:15 – 9:00: The Makings of a Successful M&A Transaction

9:00 – 13:17: Growing Geographic Markets Through M&A

13:17 – 16:33: The Merits of Private vs. Public M&A Transactions

16:33 – 20:04: The Makings of a Successful M&A Transaction

20:04 – 25:00: Is The Current Macro Backdrop An Opportunity Or A Time To Be Cautious?

25:00 – 28:55: The Changing Banking Landscape

28:55 – 33:04: The Importance of Culture

33:04 – 35:36: M&A Transactions In Challenging Market Environments

35:36 – 40:17: Are Credit Fears For Banks Overblown?

40:17 – 43:17: What Are The Opportunities From Here?

43:17 – 47:16: Building In A Strong Market

47:16 – End: Who Do You Admire?

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