Thinking Big, Acting Small: A Conversation with SouthState Bank’s CEO John Corbett

SouthState’s John Corbett is among the most respected CEOs in the banking industry today. In this discussion with Travillian’s Head of Banking & Fintech, Brian Love and GenOpp Capital Management’s CIO, Joe Fenech, Corbett recounts the story of his career, growing a De Novo community bank in central Florida two decades ago to the southeast regional force that SouthState Bank is today. Along the way, we gain insight into a managerial style that prioritizes innovative and creative thinking, teamwork, the importance of culture, the value of humility, “thinking big” while “acting small” and how to manage through a crisis and create opportunity, a particularly relevant topic in the current environment.

See below for a video index, outlining the topics discussed by our moderators and featured guest.


00:16 | Introduction of SouthState Corp. (SSB)

07:06 | Early Formation of CenterState Bank

10:14 | Lead-Up to 2008

13:30 | “Defense Through Offense” During the Great Recession

18:12 | Today’s Crisis in Banking

27:51 | Talent & Culture

40:06 | Fintech Partnerships

47:56 | M&A, Strategy, Competitive Landscape and Future Direction

54:41 | Where is Banking Headed

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