Board Insights Series Part V: A Panel Discussion on Strategic Board Talent and Expertise

Join us for a compelling discussion hosted by Indra Elangovan, Travillian’s Head of Strategic Advisory, on bank board expertise, featuring a panel of experts sharing their perspectives on regulatory dynamics, risk management, cybersecurity, AI and offering invaluable advice to elevate your board to new heights during this transformative era in banking.

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Video Index

00:16 | Welcome to Board Insights Board Talent Conversation

01:16 |  Introduction of Panelists

03:47 | Bank Boards – Are They Risky Enough?

04:44 | Why Board Expertise is Crucial and What resonated about this article?

13:12 | In a Transformational Period Board Talent Gaps in Risk Management, Regulatory, Cybersecurity and IT Pose a Real Concern

28:55 | Sourcing Crucial Board Talent

34:23 | Former St. Louis Fed Regulator Perspective

34:45 | Potential liability for banks with talent gaps

40:32 | Cybersecurity and AI threats and Board talent

48:15 | CRO Perspective on Board Talent

49:32 | Conclusion

More Information

For more information please e-mail Indra Elangovan directly at or to read the rest of the Travillian Next Bank Board Insights series, please click one of the links below:

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